HI, we are John and Joy here at J&J Adventures. Thanks so much for checking us out. We hope you find our site helpful and entertaining.

Our goal here is to share our love of life and trying new adventures in business and pleasure.

We both grew up in the Great Northwest and enjoy being in the outdoors. Β We are currently renovating our RV (in which we live).

We both are self-employed- General Contractor and Realtor. But as you know, the market will not stay good forever and it gets tiresome relying on others to earn a living. So because of that and our love to travel and be outside, we are becoming entrepreneurs…which means being able to live and work from anywhere!

We will be sharing our journey from “having” to work to pay the bills, to being free to live the life we both have dreamed of and to be able to help our families in anyway we can.


We believe in helping others better their lives, finding the quality and balance in life with work, play and relationships. Life is too short to be working at a job you’re miserable at, in relationships that only bring you down and not having enough time to do the things that bring you fulfillment and closer to those you love.

John & Joy